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We will allow the judges to we will be taking a five-minute break where the and allow the judges to deliver it and we will have our top three coming soon. Hom mik algas ettelugemispäeva tähistamisega. And that's not all You will not regret it.

Jesse Yiandra Trading System members from. The West Indies will be joining this competition live via our Facebook page. Jeffrey Could you please look at San screen just to see when the time is going to be up?

Thank you good luck. Jeffrey We are not hearing you. We're not hearing you Jeffrey.

Yiandra Trading System

Your mic is mute. Madame Time he did you start the time. I did not.

Jeffrey Could you come straight to the camera cuz we're not hearing you and your mic is mute. There you go cuz we're hearing you know by the time people started time.

Thank you. Yes, you may begin.

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Church is a general. Position or something or face to another state or condition or young people are capable of greetings so far young leaders have offered to secure better services competing for change reaching out to the most.

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I'm bringing them together to promote understanding build stronger and aspirational communities. Example all of the flavor of what your people can achieve we have to discover in.

Yiandra Trading System

However, I will consider a few. More emphasis on on concerning the environment climate change, For example, we ten who is the Swedish environmental activist who has given international revolution to promoting the view that humanity is facing an intentional crisis. Alright from climate change This emphasis is placed as a result of being publics of the changes in our world and being proactive in an attempt to avoid that.

Effects of our generations, I'm the generations to come in addition, adapting to change as emphasize the Yiandra Trading System of the core issues affecting local community and utilizing ways to improve the level and quality of the system.

If you need those who will. Our future leaders considering my brewing increase of technology and usage you need us kind of four to be left behind and stop using conventional methods of communication training research, etc. We need to motivate and encourage each other to get on board as our families friends community and country.

On our ability to continue to take the matter Yiandra Trading System more officially leaders, we need adequate prepare ourselves to take full control of these views when the opportunity makes itself present, Would you want to be left behind your treats are countless for a moment many years for the benefits offered by groups because of my activities and inflexible. In addition, we need to be focused Binaarne valik es. of our responsibility to our peers, family and community as we are the leaders of the future.

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Please remember that you have a minimum of 5 minutes of no more than 7 minutes if you speak for less than 5 minutes or for more than 7 minutes, the judges shall disqualify you. Hi EVP just give us 1 minute to just before it goes.

No problem you can be on let you know when to start okay You think I'm out.

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You can turn it off. Voucher Thank you can't you see now.

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Kimba Yes, I'm here you may proceed. Um, time keeper Kimball No, I wanted to find all the time keeping like if there's something I would have been able to see, but that's okay you you are loved and you are look at IV personnel screen for the time Our Yiandra Trading System keeper here Tammy Yeah, Yiandra Trading System see the Are you seeing it.

Yiandra Trading System

I'm seeing three that's the that remember you need to speak for no less than 5 minutes, no more than 7 minutes. Good luck, you may proceed madam time people you can start a time. So the world can be well.

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I hope that answers your question for the world has changed. Let me simplify life has become different Our economy has fallen some of us are out of work. Some of us are forced to become entrepreneurs passions That is some of us has become mass miracles ply. Living has low down the long hours are work and no more we are with our issues our mental emotional all we would have high before the time to do with them is now as passionate leaders united to create positive impact we are left to to take interest back in our lives sit back Really deep with the things that we couldn't do before Yes, the world is changing it is important and crucial that young leaders adapt to this positive change create impact like never before Yiandra Trading System on social media leading as leaders we are to remain positive create passionate impact.

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I love putting each other in areas where we wake me, see Parast kauplemissusteemi haldussusteemi developing ourselves to become ready for what the future has to offer. Yes, the world is changing. Torch Oh, it's I've been differently exams of being differently. Yes, it is important that we as young leaders adapt to this changing world.


It's simply why because leaders and lead differently to live alive to be not for themselves but for others they live to create in park to live to create a new world something new and fresh yes it is important that we as young leaders continue to adopt to this Changing world Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Thank you JC Kimball. I will give the judges a few minutes and then we will let in our other speaker.

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Hi, thank you. Hello everyone one of our participants is having a bit of issue so I'm going to let any vice President Yiandra Trading System from JCI Barbados to do her presentation. Hi, VP Sabrina I could be please Kuidas hinnata tootajate aktsiaoptsiooni valikuid me yes, we can you please turn on your video.

Please remember you have no less you can speak for no less than five minutes and no more than seven minutes the time keeper is EA tummy she will be in IVP screen and she will let Yiandra Trading System know when your time is almost up and when it's good luck madam time keeper Over in nineteen that has been reported to be yet, this pandemic is just one of the global changes that we as youth leaders of this in our infamous as stated by former UN secretary General and JCC and as young people should be the forefront of global change and innovation empowered, they can be Yiandra Trading System for development and peace The protocols being established ladies and gentlemen.

My fellow JC's we have to be the key agents for development and peace. We must adapt to changes of the world FBR to fulfill our purpose our mission and our vision and most importantly we need to change to be change leaders to Yiandra Trading System back to various issues I take advantages of the new opportunities happening in our communities to achieve a better future This allowed us to tackle social technological.

Nautical and political issues.

Yiandra Trading System

I did the homeless community by we refer them to hospitals, shelters and outreach centers also engage in a policy planning that has substitute in incredible strength for women's rights.