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However, they may be used for other applications provided the requirements of the relevant performance standards are met. This part of ISO does not specify requirements for the medical devices or accessories that use these connectors. Major focus on specifications level of detail will be placed in order to provide a document that will provide detailed specification information without being too general or too specific. Terasest ja malmist tagasilöögiklapid Industrial valves - Steel and cast iron check valves This European Standard specifies the requirements for cast iron or steel check valves, which are forged, cast or fabricated in straight, angle or oblique pattern see EN with end connections flanged or wafer, butt welding, socket welding, or threaded. The limit of determination depends on the matrix, on the specific compound to be analysed, and on the sensitivity of the mass spectrometer. NOTE 3 Manufacturers are encouraged to incorporate the small-bore connectors specified in this part of ISO into medical devices, medical systems, or accessories, even if currently not required by the relevant particular medical device standards.

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If the product is partly bio-based, this European Standard can only be used for the bio-based part since it does not address non-bio-based fossil, mineral parts of a product. This European Standard can be used for two applications; either to provide sustainability information about the biomass production only or to provide sustainability information in the supply chain for the bio-based part of the biobased product.

This European Standard sets a framework to provide information on management of sustainability aspects.

This European Standard cannot be used to make claims that operations or products are sustainable since it does not establish thresholds or limits. This European Standard can however be used for business-to-business B2B communication or for developing product specific standards and certification schemes. The test method is applicable for the following materials: - polyurethane PU materials except elastanePU Coated material textile, leatherPU foam, PU blended materials; - adhesives; XTP Trading System all materials manufactured with a dipping process using DMFa.

Ehitustöödel kasutatavad üldtarbekaablite reageerimise XTP Trading System tulele Power, control and communication cables - Cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements This amendment covers the following changes : -amend the paragraph on relation to other regulation than CPR in the Foreword -amend Table ZZ. Isedeklareeritavad keskkonnaväited II tüüpi keskkonnamärgistamine Environmental labels and declarations - Self-declared environmental claims Type II environmental labelling ISO ISO specifies requirements for self-declared environmental claims, including statements, symbols and graphics, regarding products.

It further describes selected terms commonly used in environmental claims and gives qualifications for their use. This International Standard also describes a general evaluation and verification methodology for self-declared environmental claims and specific evaluation and verification methods for the selected claims in this International Standard.

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ISO does not preclude, override, or in any way change, legally required environmental information, claims or labelling, or any XTP Trading System applicable legal requirements. This comprises, for example, halogenated hydrocarbons, trihalogenated methanes, gasoline components such as BTEX, MTBE, and ETBEnaphthalene, 2-ethylmethyl-1,3-dioxolane, and highly odorous substances like geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol in drinking water, ground water, surface water, and treated waste water, by means of headspace solid-phase micro-extraction HS-SPME followed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry GC-MS.

The limit of determination depends on the matrix, on the specific compound to be analysed, and on the sensitivity XTP Trading System the mass spectrometer.

All determinations are performed on small sample amounts e. ISO is suitable to rapidly assess the activity of artificial and natural radionuclides deposited on or present in soil layers of large areas of a site under investigation. ISO can be used in connection with radionuclide measurements of soil samples in the laboratory ISO 3 in the following cases: -routine surveillance of the impact of radioactivity released from nuclear installations or of the evolution of radioactivity in the region; -investigations of accident and incident situations; -planning and surveillance of remedial action; -decommissioning of installations or the clearance of materials.


It can also be used for the identification of airborne artificial radionuclides, when assessing the exposure levels inside buildings or during waste disposal operations. Following a nuclear accident, in situ gamma spectrometry is a powerful method for rapid evaluation of the gamma activity deposited onto the soil surface as well as the surficial contamination of flat objects.

This method is applicable to the determination of the sum of SCCPs in sediment and suspended particulate matter, sewage sludge, and soil using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry with electron capture negative ionization GC-ECNI-MS. Osa Mitteelelektrilised seadmed plahvatusohtlikele keskkondadele. Põhimeetod ja nõuded Explosive atmospheres - Part Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres - Basic method and requirements ISO This International Standard specifies the basic method and requirements for design, construction, testing and marking of nonelectrical equipment intended for use in XTP Trading System atmospheres in air of gas, vapour, mist and dusts.

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Such atmospheres can also exist inside the equipment. Mitteelelektriline kaitsmine konstruktsiooniohutusklassi "c" abil, süttimisallika kontrolli "b" abil, vedelikimmersiooni "k" abil Explosive atmospheres - Part Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres - Nonelectrical type of protection constructional safety ''c'', control of ignition sources ''b'', liquid immersion ''k'' ISO This International standard specifies the requirements for the design and construction of non-electrical equipment, intended for use in explosive atmospheres, protected by the types of protection Constructional Safety, Control of ignition source, Liquid immersion.

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This standard supplements the requirements in IECthe contents of which also apply in full to equipment constructed in accordance with this standard. This test method is applicable to the identification and classification of areas where explosive dust atmospheres and combustible dust layers are present, in order to permit the proper assessment of potential equipment ignition sources that must be used in the construction and application of equipment for use in the presence of combustible dust.

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Hinnang kogu keha vibratsiooni mõjust inimesele. The test method is intended for the following applications: - determination of the intrinsic characteristics of sound reflection of noise reducing devices to be installed along roads, to be measured either on typical installations alongside roads or on a relevant sample section; - determination of the in situ intrinsic characteristics of sound reflection of noise reducing devices in actual use; - comparison of design specifications with actual performance data after the completion of the construction work; - verification of the long-term performance of noise reducing devices with a repeated application of the method.

The test method is not intended for the following applications: - determination of the intrinsic characteristics of sound reflection of noise reducing devices to be installed in reverberant conditions, e. Results are expressed as a function of frequency, in one-third octave bands between Hz and 5 khz. If it is not possible to get valid measurements results over the whole frequency range indicated, the results shall be given in a restricted frequency range and the reasons of the restriction s shall be clearly reported.

This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition published in This edition constitutes a technical revision. It also specifies the reverification tests that enable the user to periodically reverify the performance of the laser tracker. The acceptance and reverification tests given in this part of ISO Binaarse Pariti ostude tutvustamine applicable only to laser trackers utilizing a retro-reflector as a probing system.

This part of ISO can also be used to specify and verify the relevant performance tests of other spherical coordinate measurement systems that use cooperative targets, such as "laser radar" systems. NOTE Systems, such as laser radar systems, which do not track the target, will not be tested for probing performance. ISO does not explicitly apply to measuring systems that do not use a spherical coordinate system i. However, the parties can apply XTP Trading System part of ISO to such systems by mutual agreement.

ISO specifies - performance requirements that can be assigned by the manufacturer or the user of the laser tracker, - the manner of execution of the acceptance and reverification tests to demonstrate the stated requirements, - rules for proving conformance, and - applications for which the acceptance and reverification tests can be used. It provides information on measuring the average activity concentration of radon in the air, based on easy-to-use and low-cost passive sampling, and the conditions of use for the measuring devices.

ISO covers samples taken without interruption over periods varying from a few months to one year. Alusdokumendid: ISO ; EN ISO EVS-EN ISO Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices inserted in circular crosssection conduits running full - Part 5: Cone meters ISO ISO specifies the geometry and method of use installation and operating conditions of cone meters when they are inserted in a conduit running full to determine the flow rate of the fluid flowing in the conduit.

As the uncertainty of an uncalibrated cone meter might XTP Trading System too high for a particular application, it might be deemed essential to calibrate the flow meter in accordance with Clause 7.

ISO also provides background information for calculating the flow rate and is applicable in conjunction with the requirements given in ISO 1. ISO is applicable only to cone meters in which the flow remains subsonic throughout the measuring section and where the fluid can be considered as single-phase. Uncalibrated cone meters can only be used within specified limits of pipe size, roughness, β, and Reynolds number.

This part of ISO is not applicable to the measurement of pulsating flow. It does not cover the use of uncalibrated cone meters in pipes sized less than 50 mm or more than mm, or where the pipe Reynolds numbers are below 8 or greater than 1,2 A cone meter is a primary device which consists of a cone-shaped restriction held concentrically in the centre of the pipe with the nose of the cone upstream.

The design of cone meter defined in this part of ISO has one or more upstream pressure tappings in the wall, and a downstream pressure tapping positioned in the back face of the cone with the connection to a differential pressure transmitter being a hole through the cone to the support bar, and then up through the support bar. Alternative designs of cone meters are available; however, at the time of writing, there is insufficient data Jaga valiku algoritm fully characterize these devices, and therefore, these meters shall be calibrated in accordance with Clause 7.

Osa 3: Pindala- ja isikudosimeetrite kalibreerimine ja nende koste mõõtmine kiirguse energia ja langemisnurga funktsioonina X and gamma reference radiation for calibrating dosemeters and doserate meters and for determining their response as a function XTP Trading System photon energy XTP Trading System 3: Calibration of area and personal dosemeters and the measurement of their response as a function of energy and angle of incidence ISO Standardi ISO see osa käsitleb dosimeetrite ja doosikiiruse mõõteseadmete kalibreerimist, mida kasutatakse individuaalseks ja pindala seireks footoni referentskiirgusväljades, mille keskmine energia asub vahemikus 8 kev kuni 9 MeV vt standard ISO Individuaalse seire puhul käsitletakse nii kogukeha- kui ka jäsemetedosimeetreid ning pindala seire puhul portatiivseid ja fikseeritud dosimeetreid.

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Standardi ISO see osa tegeleb koste kui pealelangeva footoni energia ja kiirguse langemisnurga funktsiooni määratlemisega. Sellised mõõtmised võivad kujutada endast osa tüübikatsest, mille käigus uuritakse täiendavate suuruste mõju kostele.

Standardi ISO see osa ei hõlma fikseeritud pindaladosimeetrite in-situ kalibreerimist, mida käsitletakse tulevases standardis.


Kirjeldatud on protseduure, mida tuleb eri tüüpi dosimeetrite puhul järgida. Samuti antakse soovitusi kasutatava fantoomi ja rakendatavate teisendustegurite kohta. Peale selle annab see rahvusvaheline standard juhised määramatuste hindamiseks ning kalibreerimisprotokollide ja sertifikaatide koostamiseks.

MÄRKUS 1 Terminit dosimeeter kasutatakse üldmõistena kõigi individuaalseks ja pindala seireks kasutatavate dosimeetrite ja XTP Trading System mõõteseadmete kohta. It also specifies: a The requirements for metallic brackets. Pipes can be used in conjunction with fittings and brackets of acrylic materials provided these polymers meet the performance requirements of this standard. The products are usually used in conjunction with gutters conforming to EN [1]. They are not intended for use with products conforming to EN [2].

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This standard is applicable to PVC-U rainwater systems of circular, square, rectangular or any other shape with sealed rubber ring or solvent cement or unsealed joints. This standard covers a range of pipes and fittings sizes. NOTE 1 It is the responsibility of the purchaser or specifier to make the appropriate selections from the size range to take into account their particular requirements and any relevant national regulations and installation practices or codes.

NOTE 2 The term "rainwater" in this standard is used also to encompass "surface water" as defined in EN [6] run-off from buildings. Osa 3: Kavandamine ja tootmine GRP tanks and vessels for use above ground - Part 3: Design and workmanship This European Standard gives requirements for the design, fabrication, inspection, testing and verification of GRP tanks and vessels with or without XTP Trading System lining for storage or processing of XTP Trading System, factory made or site built, non-pressurized or pressurized up to 10 bar, for use above ground.

Further requirements are presented in normative Annex G. The terms vessels and tanks as used in this part of EN include branches up to the point of connection to pipe work or other equipment by bolting and supports, brackets or other attachments bonded directly to the shell.

This part of EN covers vessels and tanks subject to temperatures between - 40 C and C. Excluded from this part of EN are: - tanks and vessels for the transport of fluids; - underground storage tanks; - spherical vessels; - vessels and tanks of irregular shape; - tanks and vessels with double containment where the double wall is considered structural; - tanks and vessels which are subject to the risk of explosion, or failure of which may cause an emission of radioactivity; - specification for fibre reinforced cisterns of one piece and sectional construction for the storage, above ground, of cold water see EN This standard is not applicable to: - safety valve and XTP Trading System disc a safety accessory- sight glass with its frames component of a pressure equipment and - measurement chambers.

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EVS koordinaator Mihkel Siitam mihkel evs. Laserid ja laseriga seonduvad seadmed. Sõnavara ja sümbolid Optics and photonics - Lasers and laser-related equipment - Vocabulary and symbols ISO ISO defines basic terms, symbols, and units of measurement for the field of laser technology in order to unify the terminology and to arrive at clear definitions and reproducible tests of beam parameters and laser-oriented product properties. ISO and IEC have discussed this difference and agree that it reflects the different purposes for which the two standards serve. For more details, see XTP Trading System Annex A.

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