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Teha-osta kompromiss Tarnijatelt osteti eritellimusel modifitseeritud osad, mida oli võimalik kohe rakendada. Võib-olla soovite siiski ka kohandatud strateegiaid kasutada. Neid tegureid ei analüüsita vaid hetke turusituatsiooni silmas pidades, vaid ka tulevikuolukorda hinnates. Productivity management in companies organisations.

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To reach the objective the description of the work has been introduced as it seemed the best at that time. Meanwhile the situation has changed and it is necessary to take that into account.

So, it is necessary to select the way most suitable for everybody. It has been discussed a lot about the programme objectives and concept but all the discussions have been finished with quite fuzzy result.

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But the time is pressing. While introducing any new curriculum it is worth to bear in mind the following issues: concept of the curricula, content, specification, lecturers, applicants and most relevant, and resources.

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What kind of limitations to the creation of new curriculum exists? The gallery of pictures and bank of case studies will be of good support for such an approach. The content of the curriculum will be completed to support the stated objective. Significant role in the new curriculum will play the using of different pedagogic scenarios. As most applicants to this curriculum in Estonia are working during the day, the e-learning approach is needed to be devloped.

It is obvious, that to prepare e-courses in their real sense takes a lot of time and resources. Therefore different scenarios could be used depending on particular situation. Usual lectures with e-learning materials support.

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Complete lecture materials on CDs for those not being able to be on lectures nor have opportunity for Internet connection. Full e-learning course.

Customer tailored courses for continuing education What should the graduate know? The graduate should know the learning objectives introduced in the table 1. What should graduate do? Leaders of technology require a unique combination of abilities and skills those cross-traditional and professional boundaries. Train student in business operation decisions Provides the student with a perspective on the experience needed to assume a role in management in a technology based organizations.

Train the Toote strateegia valik Operations Management in modelling and simulation and its applications.

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Make students familiar with the concept of extended products and extended enterprise. Forster the student to understand meaning the new technology and its role in Toote strateegia valik Operations Management.

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Appendix I contains the possible programmes related to WP5 and Appendix II consists of the list of possible programmes. Finally, innovation appears very strongly throughout a number of the courses listed. A comprehensive list of courses available on this programme is illustrated below. The topics of Project and Quality management and Innovation also overtly appear in the programme.

2 Preliminary list of courses

Optsioonikaubanduse tutvustamisplatvorm An interesting feature of this course is that topics in eCommerce appear separately in their own courses. We have described a curriculum of technology management developed following the examples from several European Toote strateegia valik Operations Management, their expertise and experience.

As the next step this curriculum will be presented to different departments of TUT and the IT College in order to receive feedback on interest in the programme and on the goodwill to contribute to its implementation. S and M. Management of Technology M.

Job Design MSc. Management of Technology MSc. Course Description: Describe and discuss the development of extended products 1. Briefly describe the life cycle of an extended product. Discuss the initial phases of the life cycle: requirement phase, specification phase, realization phase3. Detail the phases mentioned above according to the main steps and the resulting tasks4.

Propose techniques, methods and tools that can be used to fulfil the tasks5. The main goal of this course is to provide the framework related development of Extended Product, by describing the phases that compose this process.

Furthermore, the management of critical aspects such as complexity and integration is introduced. Course Description: The Strategy Course explores the fundamental issues of strategy facing managers of firms operating internationally.

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It recognises that managers operate in an environment that is both dynamic and uncertain. The subject teaches managers how to acquire an indepth understanding of their firm's strategic position and to formulate appropriate responses to ensure sustainable competitive advantage. It explores the manner in which firms generate unique competencies and capabilities that lead to competitive advantage, including the importance of knowledge and learning.

Toote strateegia valik Operations Management will be exposed to conceptual frameworks that analyse the character of the industries and markets in which firms operate, and shown how these external influences impact on performance. Course Description: This course is to provide students with a deep working knowledge of technical fundamentals: concept, design methodology of manufacturing information system and implementation of intelligent manufacturing information system.

Koorma koostamise töölaud võimaldab teil koormate loomisel rakendada koorma koostamise strateegiaid. Koorma koostamise strateegia loomine Koorma koostamise strateegiad saate kasutada koormate automaatseks koostamiseks.

This course also aims to train student who will be responsible for managing, developing and improving enterprise wise or factory wise or lower level manufacturing information Toote strateegia valik Operations Management. This course address issues of how to use available information intelligently: How to use systems e.

MES, ERP, SCM to make decision intelligently; how to integrate heterogeneous manufacturing information system; how to design information system to use human and software intelligence in decision-making. Andmete teisenduse vahendid.

MS transformatsiooniservise kasutamine. Tehnoloogiaaparatuuri, disaini, testi- ja diagnostikavahendite piiratus. Tehnoloogiaaparatuur ja materjalid. Perspektiivid ja maksumus. Rang, prof. Velmre, ass. Different schemes of PD. Typical mistakes in building up a product development process.

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Creation of the innovation culture in an enterprise. Product planning process.

Mission, goals and PD politics in a modern enterprise. Product and annotatsioon production lifetimes. Timing of the investments. Market analysis and market strategy of an enterprise. Product pricing, a metavalue approach. Product life-cycle cost. PD project and its management. Paradigm of product developer profile. Engineering design models and tools. Design for X. Quality and sustainability dimension in PD. Evaluation of the results and risks in PD. Reedik, V.

Types of information systems and applications for decision-making.

Internal efficiency and effectiveness. IT and competitive strategy.

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Ethics and personal integrity. Computer annotatsioon hardware, software and programming. Telecommunications and networks. Knowledge-based systems. Information system planning and development.

Security and control. Tootmisprotsess kui simulatsiooni valdkond. Sisendandmete annotatsioon kogumine ja formaliseerimine. Juhuslike arvude genereerimine. Kelton, W. David, Randall P. Sadowski, Deborah A. Banks, Jery, John S. Carson II, Barry L. Kursust loetakse ka inglise keeles. Gu, D. Papstel, A. Production systems. Production subsystems.

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Integrated design systems. Imitational modelling of product manufacturing. Analysis of the company's effectiveness.

William D. New York, Basel, Browne J. Production Management 2. A CIM perspective. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Inc. Ainet loetakse nii eesti kui ka inglise keeles Wallace J. Hopp, Mark L. Factory Physics.